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Online insurance for foreigners to enter Ukraine

Insurance policy for people entering Ukraine to cross the border (with COVID-19 coronavirus)

  • price from 5 to 250 UAH per day

  • for any period - from 1 day to 1 year

  • unlimited border crossings

  • registration of the policy online in 5 minutes

  • payment by card of any bank in the world on the site

  • The policy instantly comes to your email with a seal and signature (if you have not received the policy, check the spam folder)

Our policy is suitable for crossing the border and meets the requirements of the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine # 480 of 06/12/2020. The policy covers the costs of treatment with COVID -19 (coronavirus) and observation as required by border guards. Clients with our policies successfully passed passport control of the State Border Service of Ukraine .

How to buy the polis?

Step 1. Choose dates and fill in your details

Step 2. Pay by card

Step 3. Get the policy online by e-mail in 2 minutes with a signature and seal!

What else is important?

Our medical insurance policy at the time of entry to Ukraine complies with the requirements for crossing the Ukrainian border , which are determined by resolution # 480 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 12.06.2020.

A foreign citizen can present a policy purchased
on our website for customs clearance .

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